Quality and Technology


To create vehicle instrumentation which exceeds market expectations, we have to work to critical tolerances, necessitating a total commitment to the highest quality of production and materials. Quality control is an integrated and vital element of every stage of the manufacturing process. We comply with automotive industry quality standards, in addition to our customers’ own demanding standards.

UK-NSI at Redditch is a dedicated manufacturing facility. Our core manufacturing processes are Printed Circuit Board assembly, Injection Moulding, Final Assembly and Test. Technical support to manufacturing is provided by teams of engineers embedded in the production areas, enabling continuous improvement of the manufacturing process and rapid response to any problems that may arise.

To ensure on-time and trouble-free introduction of new products and processes UK-NSI operate a formal Product Introduction Management system that works closely with the Project Managers of our Business division (NSEU) and with the engineers of Nippon Seiki’s design team in Japan.
We are committed to the pursuit of the most demanding Quality Standards, and are certified to ISO 9001 and IATF16949.

Certification number - GB05/68012
Valid from 09/09/2021 - 08/09/2024

IATF 16949:2016
Certitication number -
IATF 0423898
SGS GB05/08662
Valid from 09/09/2021 - 09/09/2024

Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through the supply of quality products and services based on continuous improvement in Quality, Delivery and Manufacturing Processes, whilst taking care to protect the Environment.


Nippon Seiki’s research and development teams are working on the display technology of the future and the products for the cars and motor cycles of tomorrow. Intensive development programs will ensure UK-NSI have the products for the 21st century and beyond.

Perfection is our philosophy and we realise that only by adhering to this at all times will we remain one of the world’s leading manufacturers, with a reputation for quality, reliability and competitiveness that is second to none.

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